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Wright Brothers Essay -- American Aeronautics, Invention, Flight

The brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright, possibly the two most renowned representatives of American aeronautics, were the first to experience controlled, continuous flight of a powered airplane in history. Despite being autodidactic in the area of engineering, the duo proved to be extraordinarily successful, testing and refining their strategies to overcome successive challenges that arose with the building of a plane (Crouch 226). The two were so far ahead in the race for flight that they even anticipated and found solutions to problems that more learned scientists could not have even begun to predict. Successful, man-controlled, powered flight was a fundamental turning point in history; it transformed the methods of how the United States fought its battles, powered developmental and technological change, revolutionized travel and trade, and provided help in forming the world into what it is today. Wilbur and Orville Wright grew up in Dayton, Ohio, in a home that allowed for the two to pursue their intellectual interests. The boys’ parents, Milton and Susan Wright, allowed their children to follow their creative instincts, and helped filter their energy into being creative. Mrs. Wright was a top mathematician in her class and very creative herself; she assembled many household appliances and even built playthings for her children (Garber 1). Both Wilbur and Orville frequently requested help from their mother for counsel on any problems they encountered in their undertakings as children. Their father, Bishop Milton Wright, who would normally bring home toys to help spark their creative interests, gave the two brothers their first material inspiration, a rubber band toy helicopter, early on in childhood (Garber 1). They created ma... across the globe, only taking a few days for the packages to arrive at their destination. Since the time of the World Wars and the Wright brothers, aviation has become a huge part of global society. The Orville and Wilbur Wright’s names will forever be remembered into United States history as the first men who were the first to fully realized human flight. Their successful invention of a working, powered airplane brought about whole new ways of wars, including new strategies for both offense and defense. Many technological advances might not have occurred without the need for new weapons and systems for airplanes. Travel and commerce would be much slower without the usage of airplanes. Orville and Wilbur have made a lasting impact on the world with their invention of a working, human-controlled, powered airplane; who knows what the world would be without it.

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An Introduction to the Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Integrated Transport Plan of Ghana Essay

The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the Integrated Transport Plan (ITP) is one of the main components of the Transport Sector Planning and Integration Programme (TSPIP), which is supported by the European Union. The other components of the TSPIP are: ââ€" ª A transport sector integration plan that provides the strategic framework and action plans to support the process of transport integration in Ghana over the short, medium and long-term (provisionally 5, 10 and 20 years); ââ€" ª A set of indicators enabling the sector to monitor its performance; ââ€" ª Technical assistance to improve sector public finance management; ââ€" ª Technical assistance to support policy implementation and planning in the sector; ââ€" ª Capacity Building at the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Roads & Highways. The TSPIP is expected to provide a sound planning framework for the transport sector, informing the sector’s service and investment priorities, meeting the needs stemming from economic development, regional integration and social cohesion, as defined in the national development agenda and at ECOWAS level. On 22nd December 2008, M/s Mott MacDonald Ltd, in association with Municipal Development Collaborative Ltd, was awarded the contract to carry out the SEA of the Integrated Transport Plan. The study is being carried out under the supervision of the Ministry of Roads & Highways. Focus of SEA of the ITP The overall objective of the SEA of the ITP is to mainstream environmental considerations into transport sector planning. The term â€Å"environment† in relation to this SEA covers the natural, physical, socio-economic, socio-cultural and institutional environments in which decisions are made (ref. SEA of GPRS, 2004) The specific objective of the SEA is to address the environmental issues associated with the Integrated Transport Plan. The SEA study will deliver the following: ââ€" ª An assessment of the potentially significant environmental issues arising out of the proposed ITP; ââ€" ª An assessment of the opportunities to promote/enhance environmental conditions and risks that lead to unsustainable outcomes; ââ€" ª Recommendations for mitigating or complementary measures. The SEA approach will involve significant stakeholder consultation throughout the process, identifying problems, issues and alternatives, as well as mitigation measures. The added benefit of this approach is that it will provide an element of capacity building among all the stakeholders involved and will contribute to inter-ministerial and inter-departmental cooperation. In the absence of formal regulatory guidance for SEA in Ghana, this SEA is guided by current Ghana EPA practices and procedures, the EU SEA Directive, and the Transport Analysis Guidance Unit 2.11 on Strategic Environmental Assessment for Transport Plans and Programmes (December 2004), as well as OECD SEA Guidelines (2006). Inception Phase The Inception phase was carried out in Feburary and March 2009. The inception phase activities included reviewing data and reports in order to be able to fully understand the current situation with regard to the transport sector and any proposed future plans, and reviewing and describing the institutional, legal and regulatory framework applicable to the transport sector and the strategic environmental assessment. The Inception Report was submitted in early March. The report highlighted changes to the approach and workplan for the SEA necessitated by the status of the progress of the preparation of the Integrated Transport Plan. The report also noted discrepancies and deviations, and proposed a way forward to enable the SEA to deliver recommendations to ensure that the overall sustainability of the TSPIP. The SEA Process The process of the SEA of the ITP will entail the following phases: ââ€" ª Scoping ââ€" ª Analysis ââ€" ª Environmental Strategy and Reporting All the above will involve a series of stakeholder workshops and focus group discussions to promote buy-in and ownership by the stakeholders and provide the needed feedback to the ITP process and outputs.

Case Study On Nando’s Restaurant Essay

Introduction This report is to outline business analysis on Nando’s restaurant in Singapore. In this report, we will perform environment analysis on the market in Singapore. We will make use of SWOT analysis and also PESTEL analysis to perform this. Last but not least we will end it with aconclusion/evaluation to sum the whole evaluation up. Environment Analysis Environment analysis is a evaluation on the possible effects (both internally and externally) and conditions that will affect an organisation survival and growth. In order to develop strategy to move into a new market like Singapore, it is necessary to look into factors that may post a threat to the company or even discover new opportunities for the company. In order to identify this, we will be using the SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity & threats) analysis and PESTLE (political, economic, social cultural, technological, legal & environment) analysis to analyse the factors. 2.1 : Internal and External Factors for Nando’s INTERNAL Inside the Organisation Can be controlled by the organisation. (Example as of below.) HR Strategy Process Culture Money factor Departments EXTERNAL Outside the Organisation Cannot be control by the organisation. (Example as of below.) Government policies Natural disaster Economic policies Competition Diversity of workforce Technology Exchange rate Weather ENVIRONMENT  NANDO’s Opportunity, Threats Strength, Weaknesses SWOT ANALYSIS SWOT analysis is use to evaluate the strength, weaknesses, opportunity and threats involved in a business venture. A SWOT analysis is important as it help companies to inform later steps in planning to achieve their objective. Using SWOT can generate meaningful information on each category and to plan ahead base on the point listed out. Below table 1 is the SWOT analysis on Nando’s. STRENGTHS Branding. Outlets available globally. Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, UK, USA and many more. This shows how well the business has  developed with so many branches over different country. Healthier Choice. Chickens are delivered fresh and not frozen. Marinated for 24 hours with absolutely no preservatives, MSG’s, colorant or artificial flavouring. Chickens fats are trim-ed and flame grill, making it more healthier. Differentiated. Portuguese Flame grilled chicken. Said to be the best. Sauces are unique with secret recipe that are not let known to public. Competitors unable to copy it’s style. Finances. Business opened globally. Stable business with high revenues. Comparable with it’s competitors like KFC etc.etc. Good internal marketing. Staffs are happy working in the chained restaurants. Good values adopted in the company. Good staffs are driven by good environment and of course better food and services are produced. Affordable price. Price are quite satisfactory even though they are of restaurant based environment. Unique taste. The chicken prepare is combine with a variety of the sauces. Sauces are of different taste, very unique. Other brands are unable to come out with so many different sauces that good. Nutrition Values showed on the menu. Singaporeans are being more and more health conscience. Giving them the option to choose how many calories they want to intake is a plus points to the company. Weakness Not Halad. Singapore is a multi religion country. Muslims consist approx twenty percent of the population. Hence it has not capture the market of the muslim community. Lack of extended services. Major related business like KFC, they offer deliveries and also allows consumers to order online. Nando’s do not have this kind of services that could be offered to the consumers in Singapore. Lack of marketing advertisements. Comparing with KFC, Nando’s are not fully known by people of all ages in Singapore. However KFC do. There were not much advertisement posted either on online platform or even in the media. Not many outlet. As research on the number of outlets in Singapore, there are only a total of nine outlet’s in Singapore so far. Weak R&D. Slows down or even no growth to the company. Competitors will out innovate Nando’s. Lack of promotions to attract customers. Opportunity Government incestives on business from overseas. Singapore government encourage overseas investor to set foot and do business in Singapore. By  giving incentives, Nando’s could do with more outlets or even save a little cost to spend on other areas. Rising demands for healthier food/ choice. Singaporeans are getting more and more conscience in what they eat. A actual figure of the calories for each dish could actually gives Nando’s a boost in their sales as consumers would rather know what they are eating rather than eating what they do not know. Increasing population. Singapore are becoming more and more populated with foreign talents coming in to work and set place in Singapore. Opening more branches, making it almost available everywhere could help Nando’s in increasing it’s revenues. Rising of malls. Government are building more and more malls, giving Nando’s more opportunities to expand it business. Airport. Singapore governments are coming out with T4 and T5. Internet/ use of social media. Singapore are getting more and more IT saavy. People do transactions online. Or look for alternatives in food through online media. CSR. Organising events to shows consumers what the company is doing. Threats Rising cost of livings. Singapore is the most expensive cities in the world. May make consumers to rethink to go for cheaper alternatives when it comes to eating out. Diseases. Nando’s menus consist of mainly chickens. If bird flu were to break out, it will greatly affect the business of Nando’s Competitors. Compeitors giving a better edge/ better promotions/ better advertising techniques could make consumers go to the competitors Most expensive cities. Case of opening 10 outlets in Singapore VS opening 10 outlets in Malaysia. Economic crisis. After conducting the SWOT analysis of Nando’s, the business can be expanded greatly if Nando’s were to go the ‘ E-commerce ‘ way of doing business as what KFC and Macdonald’s are adopting. Nando’s can do with hiring a group of IT professionals to come up with a better webpage that could do all these functions. Nando’s can emphasize more money on it’s advertisement to make it a well known brand in Singapore, being a long term investment in Singapore market. Economics in Singapore is doing not so bad and in long term wise, Nando’s will stand to get benefits out of it. PEST Analysis SWOT analysis is use to study company’s business Strength, weakness,  opportunity and threats in a company. Studying SWOT on a company is not enough. If Nando’s were to move in it’s business available globally, they have to study the country political,economic, social cultural and technology behaviour to enter it’s market in to the country. In this case, PEST analysis is used on Singapore to analysis it’s potential in setting up business in Singapore. The PEST analysis of Singapore is in Table 2. POLITICAL Government seeking foreign investors. GLOBAL INVESTOR PROGRAMME (GIP) for business. level of corruptions. Ranked no.7 in the world and no.1 in asia for least corruption in the economy. government. No protest was made to overrule the Singapore government. Singaporeans quite satisfied with the system Singapore government had in place. Uses the Parliamentary system of government based on the Westminster model . regulations. Trade agreement. Employment law. Singapore has talented workforce. Government are providing fundings to train professionals up. spendings on Infrastructure. EG. RWS, Casinos, MBS ECONOMIC Low Taxes. Singapore has one of the lowest taxes compared to different country. investments potential. US based research institute Business Environment Risk Intelligience (BERI) ranked Singapore as first out of fifty Major investment destination. standards of living. Singapore ranked 25 for best place to live work and play. power Unemployment rates. Singapore is one of the countries with the lowest employment rate. currency. Income level. Most Singaporean holds job of the medium class level. Basically Singaporean has more people to the medium income and high income class. Impor t and Export access. Strategically located. Labour cost. SOCIAL CULTURAL Busy worklife. Most of the working class people have a busy work life. Some of these people have to work over time sometimes. The cultural in Singapore. Therefore many people will dine out instead of cooking at home. In one family at least 80 percent of the members will be working. Therefore high chance people will dine out instead of having a homecook meal at home. Multi-religion. Statistic shows the largest population is of Chinese in Singapore. Therefore when coming up with strategic planning we will have to focus on this target group. Not forgetting the muslims in Singapore which comes in second place. generations taking more to Western culture. Education. Singapore government are focusing to give proper educations to Singapore. Not forgetting foreigner students. They plays a part of Singapore economy when they come over Singapore to study. Aging population. Tech saavy. People in Singapore nowadays carries smartphones around. Ordering of food/ tickets or E-shopping is very common nowadays. Family dynamics. Low birth rates. Fast paced society. People would prefer fast food than casual dining as they can pick and go to fill their stomach before moving on to do other things. Technological Most IT saavy country. A lot of the business in Singapore are starting to adopt the IT way of resolving things. Eg, Using of softwares to get things done. Automated machines etcetc. High usage of IT. Every aspects in life of a Singapore, we can see IT gadget/devices anywhere. For example in buses, people are using ez-link cards to tap on the machines. Topping up cards with self-service kiosk. Advertisements on television located in shopping malls. Ordering of food using ipads. Etcetc) IT are common in SG. High percentage of people owns a laptops, smartphones, desktops to ease their life. These items are easily available anywhere and it is not as expensive as comparable as last time. Their price are very affordable to Singaporeans here. Use of smartphones. Singaporeans use smartphone to communicate, or even making purchase online. Why queue for movie tickets? Where you can make purchase online and collect the ticket afterwards. This make e-commerce rather popular in Singapore. Strong IT infrastructure Ecommerce  IBanking. Singaporeans uses iBanking for solution instead of queueing in the bank for hours to settle and bank related issues. Communication advancement. Credit card Usages High Security Systems One of the key advantage to Nando’s is the high finances. Being a business available globally, it is already making quite a profit out of it. With the help of the Singapore government with the rules and regulations for foreign investor, it will help Nando’s greatly in setting up business here. Attractive labour market , policies, infrastructure and financing efficiency also have make Singapore an attractive place for Nando’s to set foot on. However to expand the business more, Nando’s have to try to get in to IT more has more and more businesses are doing their business through internet platform. By not doing so they have already made one less target consumers to focus on. Conclusion All business benefits from the SWOT analysis. They benefit from completing a SWOT analysis on their compeitiors. PEST analysis can then provide some  feedbacks into the economic aspects by the PEST analysis. These feedbacks is then ranked and and make relatively important strategic decisions. Singapore is a favourable location to set up business here. Of all the four points in the PEST analysis it has fulfil all 4 of criterias to be a effective place to set up business. However Nando’s will have to segments their target consumers to at least target 75% of the consumers in Singapore. To further improve on it’s business it could probably focus it’s business to more of the IT aspects and have their business done online also.

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English-language films Essay

Working as a congressional page, I was given the ability to manage my academic success through my own initiative. Dealing with independence was a revealing experience for me, giving me new responsibilities and shaping my work ethics. I didn’t have my parents, now 5,000 miles away, to urge me to finish my homework or to nag about my less than perfect grades, and I couldn’t depend on the support of the teachers or counselor that I knew so well to look after my academic well-being. There was a realization that I was alone in my struggle to succeed and become a responsible student. This independence allowed me to take the situation into my own hands and to work out my own problems, knowing I was the dictator of my consequences and decisions. In this situation, I learned how to set my priorities, a skill that has taken me a step toward preparing for college. Knowing that education would provide the foundation for my future in college and beyond, I placed it at the top of my values, so even in the excitement of new friends and complete independence, I had to maintain it as my first priority. Though it proved difficult to discipline myself without support and accountability alone, I managed to succeed. I’d invite friends over to my room to study, and it eventually became a custom to for us hold study sessions in my room every Monday night and before test days. The entire night was devoted to completing our assignments, studying for exams, and tutoring each other. After the strenuous study session, we’d reward ourselves with a movie and light conversations. These study sessions were an efficient way in which I could balance two of my important priorities, friends and academics. Living on my own and balancing a hectic load of school, work, and dorm life, I gained insight in effectively managing my own time, which was essential in preparing myself for academic success. It wasn’t a rare occurrence for Congress to stay into the thick hours of the morning, debating over a controversial issue, such as the budget or immigration. During these nights, I was required to wait on congressman on the Floor and carry out errands late into the night. Working late did not give us amnesty from the school’s assignments, so we had to make the most use of whatever time we had. Working as a page obviously cut into the precious time I had to concentrate on my school work, forcing me to partition my time wisely. It became an unsaid rule for me to sign myself into an hour of study hall every week night, so that I wouldn’t be distracted by roommates or requests to go out. I had an excuse to delay my friends’ invitations to the movies or to the mall until I felt confident I could do my best on the pre-calculus or history test we would have on Friday. With my packed schedule, I spent my time wisely to get the most out of my experience in Washington, while maintaining my grades and academics. The independence that I was fortunate enough to experience for the first time exposed me to responsibilities has helped me to prepare for college. It has disciplined me to set my priorities and manage my time to be the most effective student possible. Like a young eagle learning to fly, I learned to steer myself in the right direction. And so, I landed a more prepared and experienced person.

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Character assessment Essay

I strongly disagree that Beatrice was a weak wife and I think that she did the best that she could have done in the circumstances. Beatrice was a typical nineteen forty’s housewife who’s responsibilities were to look after the home and her family she does this well as she is very caring about her family. This is seen at the beginning of the play as she is looking forward to her cousins arriving it is also visible that Beatrice is extremely house proud as she is concerned about ‘washing the walls’, ‘waxing the floor’ and how she has ‘nothin’ to eat for them’. However Beatrice is a lot more presumptuous than most housewives would be. Beatrice is firstly revealed to be much stronger that you would expect a woman in this play to be when she uses effective persuasive techniques to convince Eddie her cousins should stay at their home. Beatrice says ‘I’m just afraid if it don’t turn out good you’ll be mad at me’ this makes Eddie feel guilty and he replies ‘ then what the hell’ this proves that Beatrice is loving but tactile. She is so pleased that she calls Eddie ‘an angel’ whilst having tears in her eyes. It is obvious that Catharine has been secretly talking to Beatrice about a job before Eddie knows about it when Catherine says ‘we didn’t tell him about me yet’. This makes us assume that Catherine and Beatrice have a very strong relationship. Beatrice is very keen to convince Eddie ‘it’s very good news’ that Catherine has got a job but he is upset as Catherine ‘didn’t ask him before she took the job’. However, Beatrice continues to help Catherine using arguments such as the ‘fifty dollars a week’ and ‘work is the best practice’ and eventually her force makes Eddie agree. Beatrice is first seen to be slightly concerned about Eddie and Catherine’s relationship when she asks ‘when am I going to be your wife again, Eddie? This obviously means that there is no sexual relationship between them. Though we don’t realise it has got something to do with Catherine until Eddie says ‘I’m worried about her’ and Beatrice replies ‘ the girl is gonna be eighteen years old, it’s time already’ and she tells Eddie he has ‘to cut it out, now’. This is the second warning that Beatrice has given Eddie to he ‘has to get used to it, she’s no baby no more’. The next course of action that Beatrice takes is to confront Catherine. She is very forceful telling Catherine ‘ don’t tell me you don’t; you’re not a baby anymore, what are you going to do with yourself’. She is concerned about making Catherine realise she must grow up and leave, this maybe because she can tell something bad may happen. She respectively tells Catherine ‘he’s not your father’ and then says she can’t ‘walk around in front of him in her slip’ or ‘talk to him when he’s shavin’ in his underwear. All of these are Beatrice’s desperate attempts to make Catherine understand she not a ‘baby’ and Eddie realise he has to ‘let go’. Beatrice is clearly pleased when Catherine takes a liking to Rodolfo and defends them to Eddie. She says Rodolfo ‘didn’t drag her off’ and that ‘well, you said the movie ended late, didn’t you’ when Eddie is very inquisitive over Catherine and Rodolfo going to the cinema. He tries to find excuses for them not to go out again but Beatrice continuously takes Rodolfo and Catherine’s side.  Beatrice does not realise at first why Eddie wants to box Rodolfo and encourages him saying ‘go ahead, he’s a good boxer he could teach you’, when she senses there is something wrong she tries to cover it by commenting on how ‘very good’ Rodolfo is. However, she is very concerned when Rodolfo feints and tells Eddie ‘that’s enough’.

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Characteristics of myself

Characteristics of Myself Kerri Larson Organizational Behavior Southern Institute of Technology Personality can be defined by the characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that â€Å"determine how an individual reacts to and interacts with others† (Nancy, Robbins, & Judge, 2014, p. 42). It is very important as it helps define what type of person you are. An individual's characteristics play a large role when it comes to understanding one another. These patterns make every individual unique and distinct from each other.When I think of personality, I think of it as someone's entire being including perception, learning and titivation. Inner awareness of self and person-situation interaction make up an individual's personality. When I think of my personality, I like to assume I can describe myself as sociable, motivated and ambitious. These characteristics I believe really were ingrained as core values in my life after working hard from such a young age. Having u nderstood the importance of personality, attitudes, values relating to motivation in the workplace, I reflected on my own personality and how it has affected me and the individuals work with.Growing up, my family wasn't wealthy. My parents aired extremely young and my sister and were born not too long after. I don't remember things in a negative way as a child, but after my parents divorced, things were different. We never had money to buy the toys wanted or go on the trips like my friends. I remember growing up thinking that my friends had what they wanted so why couldn't we. My parents both remarried a few years later and my step-parents were now permanently in the picture. Since my father moved away, my step-father ensured that we had discipline in our life.There were never enough chores to do and work to be done round the house. My step-father was teaching me work ethic at that age and had no idea how chores would shape the way I work today. It was my fourteenth birthday and as would have said at the time, I was â€Å"made† to look for a job before I could play with my friends. I did as I was told, and got a part time job working at a fast food restaurant. This was obviously not my dream job and after a couple of job changes, I worked full time throughout high school earning money to pay for things wanted.Of course I did not always make the best decisions, but I learned that nothing comes for free and that o have to work hard to get a head in life. When I look back at this, I don't see punishment but a form of discipline which has made me who I am today. Worked endless hours, two jobs at a time and even though wasn't making exponential amounts of money, I was supporting myself and doing the things that wanted. I remember thinking to myself that never wanted to live on the bare minimum. I didn't need the finest things in life, but comfortable living was something I couldn't live without.Although gained the value of a hard work ethic and discipline, I was yet to receive another life challenge that loud shape my attitudes and values. I was born in Slave Lake, Alberta on May 11, 1984. I was raised and continued to live in Slave Lake throughout my life. Remember the phone call clear as day from my mother. I was coming home from a beach holiday with my boyfriend at the time and I had heard the news that my aunt and uncle had lost their home to a wildfire near town. We had a long drive from Calgary the next day, so we decided to come home early.We arrived, unpacked and headed to the store to get food. There was threat that town could be under alert, but nothing had happened. We decided o go for lunch at Subway and then go home to pack a bag, just in case. I remember the truck radio on before we went inside stating â€Å"I repeat, we are not under evacuation notice†. We ordered our lunch and got back in the truck. There was no radio when we started the drive home. As we drove closer to our home, which was only a five minute dri ve away, the smoke got thicker and we noticed more and more cars evacuating the area.The wind had pickup for so much that the shingles were ripping off our roof like Evolve. The police arrived to our door at the same time as we arrived and stated we had eve minutes to evacuate and leave. The fire was going to hit town. On May 14th, 2011, evacuated my home and sat across the highway in a nearby parking lot watching my home being engulfed in flames. I arrived home at 1 :pm and was evacuated by 4:pm. I was 27 years old and my life at that moment changed forever. Three hundred and seventy eight homes burnt down including my parents. There was nothing left to salvage.I lost my job and broke up with my boyfriend of three years. Although my life was tested, I picked up my life, moved to Calgary and took a job with TACO Structures & Logistics. Darted in as a temporary entry-level position with a chance to stay on permanent. I worked hard for long hours, stayed motivated and showed the organ ization that I deserved to be there permanently. Within six months, I was asked to stay on and have been with them ever since. I learned not only that hard work pays off, but staying motivated and ambitious were also key factors to my new success.After almost four years and three promotions, am managing a small team in our Calgary office. I can honestly say, that even though the fire destroyed many lives, my life has done nothing but grow in a costive way. I see life differently and try not to take the little things for granted. I am more motivated to live a more positive life and ensure that I help others and my community as much as can. When I think how this has shaped my life, I am more motivated to succeed not only at work, but in life as well.Since I started working in Calgary, can admit that it hasn't been perfect. I have had much change in managers and team members and when you look for stability in your work environment, these constant changes make a huge impact. I was recen tly in a situation where I faced a situation where I isn't sure could work for my organization anymore. There are certain things need and look for when working and as time went on, these values Were being tested more and more. When I think Of what I need as an employee or even an individual, trust is probably the more important characteristic.My manager is the person should be able to trust with my work, comments, feedback and criticism. Was assigned to a large task by my manager which would be completed in a few weeks. At the end of the task, I was required to summarize any issues and work with departments on corrective actions. When it came down to summarizing with my manager, he hose to consult another employee who was not involved. I felt betrayed that my manager did not trust my judgment and decisions. Wasn't aware of how much trust and support meant to me and what the value of that meant as an individual. Also felt since I am a young professional, there was distrust based on t he fact that there was a generational difference between my manager and I. Research suggests that generational differences exist in the workplace among the Baby Boomers (born between the mid-sass and the mid-sass), the Generation Seers (born between the mid-sass and the late sass), and he Generation Yes (born between 1979 and 1994). (Nancy, Robbins, & Judge, 2014, p. 80) My manager was a baby boomer while am a Generation Y and was one of the only Gene. Y on our team. Let that since I was younger, was not trusted due to the lack of knowledge and understanding which made me feel weak and not respected. My negative emotions ultimately sabotaged how felt about myself and my work ethic. Negative emotions can led to a number of deviant workplace behaviors. Anyone who has spent much time in an organization realizes that people often engage in voluntary actions that elate established norms and threaten the organization, its members, or both. (Nancy, Robbins, & Judge, 2014, p. 58) Trust is i mportant.If you don't have trust, then how can anything else follow? The foundations of demodulating and leadership are built on trust. A few weeks went by and the disappointment turned to anger. I could no longer have displayed emotions, â€Å"those that the organization requires employees to show and considers appropriate in a given job† (Nancy, Robbins, & Judge, 2014, p. 55). My felt emotions, â€Å"an individual's actual emotions† (Nancy, Robbins, & Judge, 2014, p. 5), were surfacing and the office was becoming an unbearable place to be.I was so disappointed I had to talk to someone, which led me to a small room with human resources. The disappointment built from such a small Issue, that felt I could almost leave the organization which wasn't the most rational decision. We must have the ability to experience emotions to be rational. (Nancy, Robbins, & Judge, 2014, p. 56). The value of trust was so important to me, that felt could no longer work there or it would le ad from negative emotions to something worse. The key to good decision making is to employ tooth thinking and feeling in our decisions. Nancy, Robbins, & Judge, 2014, p. 56). After discussing my options and realizing that the choice of resigning was not the option for me, I decided to think positive and overcome the negative aspects of the scenario. What I also realized that this made me more motivated as an individual to prove that I was capable at completing and excelling in my career. I knew that was competent and hardworking and that one small issue was not going to deter me from proving to my manager and myself that was qualified to be there. I was taking a more proactive approach to my personality.People with a proactive personality identify opportunities, show initiatives, take action and persevere until meaningful change occurs. (Nancy, Robbins, & Judge, 2014, p. 52). In the end I was given the different opportunity to work for another leader. I used this opportunity and too k that motivation and was honest with my new manager. I spoke up about the values and motivation I was looking for in a leader and that if this was provided to me, I would provide the same. I took my negative emotions and transformed them into something positive.Because of this, I was also remoter to manage the team I worked in. Even though he was also another Baby Boomer, we both held the same opinion on trust and taking pride in your work. I used the opportunity to motivate my team when they felt discouraged and ensured that instead of mistrusting them, that they had the opportunity to show me as a leader, what they were capable of. I am not the perfect manager, but ensure that my team sees the importance of bringing themselves and values into their work and that each person brings something different to the table.Motivating them to see that everyone's opinion is important and how this makes a bigger impact in the workplace. It not only betters them, but betters our organization. When I think of the meaning of the values I've gained over the years, they have ultimately defined what person I am today. I maintain my integrity because I apply these values to my life in whatever situation I am in. Since an individual's effectiveness in the workplace often depends on his/her personality, attitudes and values, along with his/her motivation to succeed, it is important to understanding these characteristics of individuals.Considering these characteristics can be crucial or an organization to operate successfully. At the same time, it is essential that individuals understand the values associated with the organization in order to avoid any conflicting feelings toward the work they are employed to do. By recognizing and appreciating each others characteristics, values and behaviors, employees and the organizations they are part of, form a highly- beneficial symbolic relationship. Thus, it becomes imperative for employees to remain motivated and for organizations to ke ep them motivated.Recognizing the importance of personality, attitudes, values and motivations s something that everyone needs to do in life. I personally believe that people are tested and that this importance isn't realized at the same time in life. People face different external forces and life is never the same for everyone. Personalities are important to recognize as it strongly influences one's expectations, self-perceptions, values and attitudes. (Wisped). Understanding your own personality as well as others gives you the ability to communicate effectively and understand others better.When you have the ability to understand others personality as well as your own, you gain the ability to recognize what motivates them, what is and is not important to them and where attitudes exist. It is also important to understand the difference between personality and attitudes. Attitudes can change more frequently where personality is more deeply ingrained. In organizations, attitudes are i mportant because they affect job behavior. Employees may believe, for example, that supervisors, auditors, managers, and time-and- motion engineers are all conspiring to make them work harder for the same or less money.This may then lead to a negative attitude toward management hen an employee is asked to stay late and help on a special project. (Nancy, Robbins, & Judge, 2014, p. 88). Attitudes are our feelings towards certain ideas or issues. They become almost contagious and can be greatly influential among peers and co-workers. Our attitudes are the manifestation of our values and they are expressed through what we say or do and reflect a person's sense of right and wrong or what â€Å"ought† to be. Values tend to influence attitudes and behavior and are an integral part of every culture.With worldview and personality, they generate behavior. Being part of a ultra that shares a common core set of values creates expectations and predictability without which a culture would disintegrate and its members would lose their personal identity and sense of worth. Values tell people what is good, beneficial, important, useful, beautiful, desirable and constructive. They answer the question of why people do what they do. Integrity alongside values is equally important to the workplace.It gives individuals the ability to bring themselves and their personalities to the organization but stay to true the organizations values as well. Integrity, strong ethics and values are crucial o an organization's success not only because the individuals understand what is right and wrong is, but they practice this in all they do. Work ethics can be described as not only how someone feel about their job or career, but also how someone does his/her job or responsibilities. This involves attitude, behavior, respect and communication.When you reflect on the importance of personality, values and attitudes and how they contribute to motivation in the workplace, it is equally importan t to remember that they all have different influences on different motivational processes. Motivation is different for very individual as each person's preferences are different. Moreover, there are also external drivers of motivation. Those external drivers contribute to the level of the motivation of employees in terms of better performance within organizations. The core thing of motivation is to give people what they really want most from the work.The more the managers provide what they want, the more they can expect what they are looking for like productivity, quality, and services. A positive motivation philosophy and practice should improve productivity, quality, and service. Motivation helps people to achieve locals, to gain a positive perspective, to create the power to change, to build self-esteem and capability, to explore potentiality with creativity, to manage their own developments and their own abilities. When I consider my workplace and co-workers, I attempt to ensure that I bring my values and my personality to work every day.Of course I was not always like this and there were days when I am not so motivated and ambitious. As well when I consider all the external forces one experiences on a day to day basis, personality is always changing. Ironically my workplace offers a similar course o this course and I learned a little about organizational behavior prior to registering. One of the most interesting parts of the course was that I participated in a personality report and the results were not necessarily new or surprising, but realized how much my personality affects others.We took part in the DiSC Workplace model and had flying colors in dominance. I'm highly motivated, direct, result-orientated and focus on success and growth. Upon returning to work, I was adamant that one of my key co-workers take the same profile report. We used this opportunity to understand what each there's personality type was and what influenced and motivated each othe r. Even though we work so well together and have a great working relationship, it was still beneficial to understand what her priorities and influences were.I could better understand her as a person and become a more effective leader. The other interesting factor I learned was that I am very task/job driven. I am extremely motivated by personal success and job-related functions. I learned that need to ensure that I consider others and contribute more to how they are feeling and what personally motivates them. When focused on completely ark or a project, need to also consider that factors such as personality, work ethic, values, skillet and knowledge all contribute to the quality of work rather than deadlines, budget and resources.I feel now that even though this was such a small opportunity to participate and understand how complex personalities are, learned so much about howl really affect and influence others. Understand why it is important to recognize what my values are and how my personality is affects others. In conclusion, the key point is that personalities, attitudes and values all contribute to motivation in individuals n different ways. It is what is unique about us that define how these characteristics contribute and shape who we are as individuals.

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Importance of Scientific Knowlege for Students Essay

Importance of Scientific Knowlege for Students - Essay Example Knowledge based economies rely on skilled mathematicians and scientist. However, it is a worrying fact that America's labor force is aging fast. It has been projected that more than twenty percent of scientists and mathematicians are likely to retire by the year 2010 (Mac Iver 221). This is likely to result to a deficiency owing to the fact that fewer learners are pursuing math and science as their careers. The situation is further compounded by the fact that administrators and teachers themselves do not have adequate training, proficiency, tools and skills necessary for teaching Science and Mathematics (Janelle p. 231). In the previous decades, America has fallen behind in world rankings of nations with students earning math and science degrees and in the production of skilled workers. Consequently, United States has been forced to rely on other countries for skilled workers. For instance, doctors are recruited from regions such as Philippines, Sub-Saharan Africa and India. Moreover , emerging Asian nations like India and South Korea are winning acknowledgment in the development of software, computer, electronic display and storage technologies. On the other hand, dependence on science might make people incapable of maintaining their standards of living if they continue depending on the resources that present science offers, and substitute technologies might be insufficient or might present unbelievable hazards. Importance of Science Science and maths have an enormous influence on people's lives. They offer the foundation of much of contemporary technology techniques in materials, tools that make work and lives easier. If science and technology had by no means been invented, the world would be extremely different. Today, people can view live actions in the comfort of living rooms, communicate to friends anywhere on the globe and send emails and other types of messages within a few seconds. Almost everyday, medical professionals save lives and are capable of treating and curing once life frightening ailments with the use of sophisticated procedures, drugs and equipment. Discoveries made by scientists help to shape people's views about themselves and the universe. From the ancient Egyptian's scientific breakthroughs, to today's changing of organism's hereditary makeup, the development of scientific knowledge is an enduring phenomenon. Science Based Careers From the history of mankind, knowledge in math and science has at all times been improving and growing. A great deal of what separates the contemporary way of living from that of cave-dwelling ancestors are the innovations in science and its related field, mathematics. Every profession available these days in United States and beyond needs some mathematical and scientific knowledge. Training in humanistic studies is not nearly sufficient for any type of career. For instance, even farming has turned out to be quite complex. Outputs in agriculture have risen as scientists continually develop more efficient fertilizers and a better array of plants. With every passing day coupled with numerous discoveries in math and science, mastery of fresh developments is fundamental to students and all constituents of today's